leadership letters

Stories of Our Year: Introduction

Every moment of our 2019/2020 fiscal year was guided by careful consideration of what matters most.
What matters most to children and families in the communities we serve? This guided our program decisions and investments.
What matters most right now? This guided our thinking and actions as our country and our world faced crisis after crisis, and business as usual was no longer the right answer.
What matters most in the years ahead? This continues to guide the development of our next strategic plan, as we consider how best to use our time, energy and resources to help create a more equitable society that enables all children to thrive.
The following stories capture key moments from the past year, and they show how our partners and staff — with boundless passion, commitment and creativity — pivoted and persevered to meet those moments.
Even as we pause to applaud our partners and reflect on the past year, we know this isn’t the end of these stories. As the devastating health, racial justice and economic crises persist and deepen, our partners will continue to be challenged to meet the community’s needs. There is much more work to be done. We commit to using our voice and resources to elevate these needs and support both our partner organizations and communities.